Whole Chicken Order

When I want to purchase a whole chicken for soup or roasting, I usually go to the local meat market. But often times when I ask for whole chicken, he says “mei you” which means “we don’t have any.” I still don’t understand why the market can’t keep whole chickens in stock?? Anyway, my friend and I decided to try and order whole chickens from the local Korean meat market where we purchase ground beef. Once nice benefit is that they deliver to your door. So on Friday, I ordered two whole chickens (one to cook this weekend and one for the freezer). To my utter disappointment, when he came to the door and I looked in the package, I saw two scrawny little chickens which cost me over $7.00. At least they were washed, the insides cleaned out well and ready to cook. Guess I’ll stew both chickens today for chicken noodle soup and hope I get enough meat for a hearty meal.


My Tutor

These friends pictured here with us have recently made a permanent move to our city from the countryside. Recently I began tutoring with the tall guy (on the left) to suppliment my language study.  I’m supporting him as he prepares to work among the Muslims in the western part of this country.


A Morning Visit to Megan’s Class

Megan arrives at school and takes a quick picture on the playground.


After arriving she removes her outdoor shoes and puts on Crocs.


Next she finds her coat and backpack hook, and puts them away.


After entering her classroom she puts her lunch in the basket and chooses her name stick in the “home lunch” or “school lunch” cup.


Last she puts her name apple on the tree to show that she is here.


Now she’s ready for some free play of puzzles, books, or games until class starts. Today her class lead the school chapel, by singing “My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do, for YOU!”


Pepero Day!

On November 11 it was a holiday for the Asians at our school, called Pepero Day. Well first I have to introduce Peperos they are little cracker tasting sticks dipped in chocolate. Well on Pepero day people buy many boxes and gives them to their friends and teachers. They are actually really yummy. There are many different types other than chocolate. There  are kinds like Strawberry, Banana, Almond, etc. I had lots of fun giving boxes and getting boxes of these yummy treats.


Senior Moms

Recently I hosted a gathering for the moms of this year’s Senior class. I was really blessed to get to know the mothers of Michael’s classmates a little better. We are a diverse group of ladies from Japan, Holland, Taiwan, Korea and the US, all going through this season of preparing our kids for the next season of their lives. As an ice breaker I asked each mom to hold up a picture of their student and tell us the favorite food item they would prepare for their son/daughter on their first trip home from college.


MUN Memories with Jessie

November 4 – 7, I attended a high school Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Seoul, South Korea, with Jessie. She has been inspired to join MUN by her brother, Michael. Among the many skills that MUN encourages in students, I find that the most beneficial are; public speaking, research and writing, debate, following protocol, and team work. This being Jessie’s first experience with speech and debate, I find that I’m very proud of her performance! From the first day of the conference, she was not afraid to raise her placard and speak up on various issues.


Lobbying on Day 1


And her reward at the end of the second day of debate — the resolution she had worked on and was the main submitter for, passed in her Committee!


Snapshot at the end of a long day of debating.


Little Dorritt

Is there anyone else out there with a fetish for BBC classics? You see, I recently finished a BBC series based on Charles Dickens’ book, “Little Dorrit.” The characterization and cast choice was spectacular, and the story line irresistible! I fell in love with the main character, Amy Dorrit (Claire Foy), her sweet and innocent outlook on life was enchanting. Therefore if you are looking for for a delightful, rainy day film, I strongly recommend it!


Speak Now

Taylor’s most recent CD, “Speak Now”, is apparently an open diary. She states in her CD’s digital booklet that “These    songs    are    made    up    of    words    I    didn’t    say    when the moment was right in front of me. These songs are open letters. Each is written with a specific person in mind, telling them what I meant to tell them in person.” Sure enough every song relates a main message, whether it is an apology, or a remembrance of a sweet relationship, according to MTV’s newsroom review, Taylor Swift enchanted her listeners once again with her bold move. (link to review: http://newsroom.mtv.com/2010/10/26/taylor-swift-speak-now-reviews/)  In my opinion, the songs are upbeat and sweet and I am definitely a fan, but I would have preferred not to think of them as her “relationships gone wrong”, but just country-pop love songs.

04 Speak Now.m4a


Money ain’t gonna ‘keep us together’ (Video)

[wpvideo 9jzwdxTf]

Contemporary views on “getting married” put a priority on money over love. A “proper” wedding must have as many red cars as possible, expensive dishes served, and fireworks. In addition, the groom must have a home ready for his bride to move into.  A young friend of mine from the countryside has fallen in love but they may never marry because the girl’s parents require a new furnished condo before the couple says “I do.” (This condo pre-requisite is typical in the cities.) Vows and trusting God ‘to keep us together’ are rare.  [Some of the pictures in this video were taken from our window, others on a nearby street.]

Fall Time!

Finally fall is kicking in. Candy Corn, Haloween, and snuggling up in my warm covers drinking hot chocolate. I never thought  I could miss fall but I think I actually did!