Bus Ride to School

We catch the school bus at 7:20 each morning. Today I had my camera along
and took a few shots along the way. Usually sitting in the front seats,
my big kids decided to make a change this morning and sit in the back.
Megan joined her friend, Keli, for the ride to school. Buildings here are
made from concrete cinder blocks, look closely and you can see. This one
has been under construction ever since we came in 2008, not sure what the
roadblock is to its completion. This time of year much effort is made to
improve Tianjin with the planting of trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. The
truck is carrying trees to be planted somewhere in our city. Also notice
in the forefront of the truck picture, the ground shrubs are protected
with green plastic tarping. In fall, thousands of workers construct these
green plastic “cages” around all the trees and shrubs to protect them from
the wind in winter.


2 thoughts on “Bus Ride to School

  1. Yes, bus looks nice. Are you the only ones on it, or do others get on? Interesting–the other photos of the activities surrounding you.

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