Morning Soccer

On Friday night I was chatting with a friend talking about the weekend.  They were going to a soccer game in the morning.  They really wanted me to come and even though I wasn’t keen on going to a soccer game early in the morning, I made a decision on a whim to go.  So I got up and stole Michael’s Blue sweatshirt and put on some white jeans (Our school’s colors).  I got a thermos of tea, Mom got a thermos of coffee, and we grabbed some granola and were out the door!  We took the bus at 9am to the field and watched the game.  Then others from our school came in a later bus to set up their bake sale.  Though TIS lost the boys JV and varsity boys games, the girls won their game.  I so enjoyed sitting on the bleachers cheering on our school in the cool morning with my breakfast then later eating Kim Bop (Korean Sushi) and Brownies from the bake sale!  All in all I really enjoyed my Saturday (and way prefer it to being asleep)!