Home Made Bubble Tea


On Dads birthday weekend me and the kids happened to come by some bubble tea bubbles. When I saw them I was very excited I wanted to buy them badly… so I looked at the price tag (thinking it would be expensive) but it was 8 yuan (about $1). I immediately put them in the stack of things we were buying. On our return home me and Michael decided to experiment on these bubbles we knew we had to boil them so we set some water up to boil. after we put the bubbles in we put a ton of sugar in with it (maybe a little too much). We let them boil for about 30 minutes and then let them soak, meanwhile we were picking out the perfect tea for it. AH we found it, the best tea, Jasmine. We boiled up the tea added some bubbles and it tasted delicious!

** special thanks to Michael for the picture editing 🙂