A Surprise Birthday Gift


For Megan’s birthday today I took a cake to school to share with her
class. Just as we were getting ready to light the candles, suddenly our
friend, Zhu Laoshi appeared with a stuffed animal to give to Megan for her
birthday. He had secretly e-mailed Megan’s teacher and found out the time
we would be having cake. Zhu is a Sean’s Chinese language teacher. He
has also spent time with the big kids tutoring them in their language
goals. Zhu has always adored Megan. We are so thankful for special friends.

2 thoughts on “A Surprise Birthday Gift

  1. Happy birthday, Megan! (I meant to write you yesterday). I’m so glad you had cake at school and were surprised by your friend with a stuffed animal! God bless you. The Opies

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