My Garden Party

As a family tradition we always do extravagant decorations for each others’ Birthday.   When I was awakened by my mom on Saturday  morning (my birthday) can you guess what awaited me in the living room?  A garden party!  My siblings made at least a hundred tiny flowers and put them everywhere.  On the dining table was a checkered tablecloth and picnic-like table settings.  Bouquets of colorful flowers brightened the room.  On one of the side tables was a group of potted plants (my Birthday present); they bought me the most adorable soft fern you ever saw, two types of  budding cacti, and a miniature bonsai tree!  I was so surprised!  They could not have picked a better theme for the decor.  I love gardening, and sorely miss the one I enjoyed in my house in Kansas City.  I had a wonderful birthday enjoying all the decorations and plants.  If you also enjoy gardening you can imagine the fun I had re-potting my birthday presents, watering them, and keeping them up the last few days.  This morning I was pleasantly surprised to find two of my plant’s had bloomed.  I was thrilled and thanked God again for the joy I found in His beautiful creation!