Eye Masks


Some will associate eye masks with grannies trying to go to sleep, or the noisy snoring middle-aged man in row 15A on your fifteen hour flight.  However since I have moved to China and share a room with all three of my sisters, I have found value in these dark eye covers.  They really help me sleep when it is midnight and Rachel is so capture by her book to put it down.  They are actually quote popular here.  In almost any small store you can find them for 10¥ (about a dollar).  Well, after so many nights being forced to wear one in order to sleep they become very comforting.  Even without lights on, street lamps can really put off a glare, so I have become very appreciative of wearing one.  For my Birthday I really wanted a new one. (My old one had been dropped under the my bed to the dusty floor one too many times).  In the picture below you can see me modeling the one Maddie gave me: