Michael…Last Days with Seniors

The night before leaving for their spring trip to Yunnan Province, China, Michael and his friend Seung Won hosted a Senior party. They wanted to have a bar-b-que outdoors. The gathering turned out to be pretty fun, as you can tell from the picture. After eating the windy weather drove them into our apartment where they hung out and watched movies. What a great group of kid! In case you are wondering, where are all the girls??…their class has only 5 girls and 18 guys!


One thought on “Michael…Last Days with Seniors

  1. What a fine looking group!Congratulations, Michael.Your artwork is wonderful!Judy and I finished our schools last week.We are leaving this Friday to drive to Illinois (my family) and Wisconsin (Judy’s family)So great to have your grandparents there to visit. What a treat.Hi to all. Y’all are in my prayers.

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