Graduation Week

The last week of school began for Michael with an Open House Celebration on Sunday in our apartment, with special visitors (grandma and grandpa from South Dakota and Michael’s first cousin, Jenna). He wanted to set things up like an art gallery, to display some of his favorite pieces. Many friends came to celebrate with us. Michael only has two final exams during the week, which frees him up to spend time showing our guests around Tianjin.


Michael’s artwork displayed


3 thoughts on “Graduation Week

  1. How exciting! It looks so wonderful–all of the artwork displayed. Are those drawings/paintings–the one of Rachel looks so real/like a photograph. Great work! So glad your grandparents and cousin could be there to share this special time with you. Enjoy . . .

  2. I’m very impressed with your talent, Michael. I had no idea you were so gifted. I especially like the painting of the woman putting on lipstick in the mirror. I like the composition, how you handled the light source, and the accuracy. The proportions are very realistic. There’s also a personality that comes through as she’s definitely concentrating on the task at hand. I’m sure I’d like the others too. It’s just that this one, being the largest, was the most visible. What are you going to do with your talent?

  3. Michael,Your art work is amazing. Pop thought they were photos. LOL Looks like you are enjoying your final days. So proud of you! You have done so well. May you be blessed in everything you set your hands to. With much love, Grandmother & PaPa

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