Henna has become a favorite hobby of mine since I tried it in my 7th grade art class.  I love the intricate designs, fragrant smell, and orangery color tattoo of the henna.  I am always eager to practice on people to improve my skills.  When I signed up to do Henna at our school's Christmas Bazaar I didn't know how many "henna fans" we actually had at our school.  I was literally doing henna nonstop for 4 hours!  Since it was such a big hit, the activity director at our school asked me to do henna at TIS's 25th Anniversary celebration.  I knew that I might possibly be flocked again, and I was right.  Once I sat down at the table I did get up until the ceremonies stared two to three hours later!  Though I was very tired after wards I still enjoyed the experience and practice.