Spring Trip

This year's Spring Trip seemed to come up so fast! I look forward to this week all year and then in the last days before the trip I'm too busy to even think about it!  This year the 9th grade class went to YunNan, the Southwest part of China.  It was a really amazing trip!  The scenery in YunNan was breathtaking!  I also had a really fun time playing with all my friends.  I thought it was one of the most uniting Spring Trips I've been on!  One of my favorite parts of the trip was the 6 hour hike around the Tiger Leaping Gorge (yes I said SIX hour hike).  We started the hike at mid day, the hottest time.  And for awhile we walked on a hot black asphalt road that winded on the edge of the gorge.  Then the real hike began… It was hot and dusty and some times I wondered if I'd just fall over and faint, but I didn't.  That's a blessing in itself 😉   However, once I got to half way point and the trek start going down hill I had a much more fun time!  There was one part of the hike where we had to cross a small waterfall by hopping from stone to stone to avoid having wet tennis shoes!  And when we finally finished the hike it was becoming evening and the air was cool and refreshing.  I might not have thought so in the beginning, but now I believe that hike was my favorite part of the trip!