Don’t Look Down!

Recently Rachel, Maddie, Mom, and I took the Vander Arks (a family that came to visit us with two girls the ages of Rachel and myself) to JiXian.  JiXian is a small village right next to a section of the Great Wall, two hours from Tianjin, it is also the location of a Ropes Course that was constructed by LDi for the use of team building for either TIS students or groups of business professionals.  I have only visited this village one time before, and at that time was able to do only a part of the Ropes Course, because it was still under construction.  However, on my visit this time we were allowed to do the whole Course.  I was so excited and a bit apprehensive with my arm in a cast.  However, once I got up there my cast didn’t hinder me at all!  I had tons of fun maneuvering around the elements and challenging myself with really stomach-wrenching parts of the Course.  My favorite activity was one where all you had to stand on one thin cable and then to steady yourself you had to hold on to hanging ropes and shimmy your way from one to another until you reach the other end.  I not only enjoying the Ropes Course itself, but being so high up gave a great view of the beautiful scenery around the Course!  I had an exciting and fun filled time on the Ropes Course and I am very thankful that I got the opportunity!