The Accident


It was my first Sunday out of school and I was, of course, so excited to start my summer vacation.  Michael, Rachel and Dad went sight seeing in Hong Kong with our grandparents who came to visit, so Maddie, Mom and I decided to bike to church.  After church we stopped by Emart to pick up some lunch and Bubble Tea before heading home.  On the way to church mom had biked Megan and I rode on the electric bike, but on the way back I convinced mom to let me ride Megan because she was tired.  Well, as I maneuvered around a big dirt truck I lost control of the bike and hit the curb.  The Bubble Teas were crushed and spilled, and I was not in a much better shape.  Megan thankfully came out of it with hardly a scratch. I, on the other hand, had two bleeding knees, a scraped up foot, and (later discovered) a fractured wrist.  What a way to start your summer!   Though showering, swimming, opening water bottles, doing cart-wheels, etc. etc. are all much harder with a bulky caste, I am thankful that it was only a 'hair line' fracture and that I didn't break my leg or something else.