Biking Adventure

Last night we took my in-laws and niece out for Chinese Hot Pot and our means of transportation to the restaurant…bikes! This was our second outing on bikes and everyone had a great time. Hot Pot is a fun dining experience. Each person has their own small soup pot which they will cook their meat, veggies and noodles in. Customers will also take a trip to the sauce bar where a variety of sauces awaits, including sesame, peanut, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar and hot chili pepper for dipping and adding to flavor one’s meats and vegetables. Garnish of green onions, cilantro, ground peanuts, and tiny dried shrimp are also available at the sauce bar.


Grandma and Grandpa Visit Megan’s School

Megan was so excited to have her grandma and grandpa (and cousin) from South Dakota come to visit her at her pre-school. We arrived just as she was in Chinese class having popcorn and watching a movie for the last day festivities. Then we had a tour of her classroom and the playground. Special times!