Rachel Studies Chinese

This year Rachel is taking Chinese 5! I’m very proud of the way she has diligently studied language and actively pursued ways to immerse herself and use her skills. Here she is pictured with a very special friend and classmate who is from Tianjin. Rachel actually tutored her in English our first summer in China, now Grace is returning the favor by helping Rachel study this difficult level.


Small World

Tonight I got a skype message from Michael. He was in the Architecture Studio on campus working on a project and getting to know some other students. As he was conversing with a 3rd-year upperclassman, he discovered something very exciting! This student had worked this summer for a NYC architecture firm which has offices in Shanghai. Now you might be asking, “What’s so exciting about that?” Well, it just so happened to be the very same firm which designed the interiors of our new school building which we will move into in January 2012. (With much prayer and petition, last spring our school secured a lease on an already built facility shell, which must now be finished on the inside.) Please pray for a quick completion, no construction roadblocks, and smooth on-time move in next January.

Here’s Megan and friends standing outside the front entrance to our new campus.