Cooking with New Friends

Most Chinese families do not have an oven. I enjoy inviting new friends over to share my recipes and oven. On the menu this time was Cream of Broccoli Soup, Homemade dinner rolls, and Mini Pumpkin Pies. The dough for my dinner roll recipe can also double for cinnamon rolls, so we split the dough in half and made both! Mrs. Liu Ying brought her adorable almost 2 year old son. He was a little shy at first and only played in the kitchen with some of Maddie’s plastic animals. Soon, Rachel began talking with him in Chinese and he warmed up. By the end of the evening they were good buddies.


Kneading the bread dough


Pouring the pumpkin pie batter


I enjoyed getting to know theses ladies a little better, outside of school, and showing them my favorite hobby!

Staying Warm~

As fall freezes into winter, the chilly air slowly penetrates the thick cement walls of our apartment. You may know that here in China getting warm isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. The government sets certain day for the start of the central heating and until then we all learn how to bundle up! With several weeks between today and the day the central heat starts, we must use our imaginations to create ways of warming up. For instance I am normally irritated by wearing socks without shoes on, however now that winter’s on it’s way I wear them ALL the time! You are probably familiar with my addiction to tea; well in addition to the usual 2 cups a day, I drink at least 2 more in the winter! Though these are excellent ways of warming up, the best way to keep warm is to use water/corn pouches! Yep, that’s what I said! We have a few material pouches filled with corn and when we warm it in the microwave it stays hot for at least an hour and a half. Additionaly, my Mom recently bought us rubber pouches that can be filled with hot water that stay warm for almost as long. (Plus, the water pouches have adorable animal covers!) This is just one more way that we adapt to our surroundings 😀 ~


Broken Zippers

Which of us has not had the misfortune of throwing some article of apparel away because of a broken zipper? Be it your favorite purse, a winter jacket, backpack, etc. Well in China, these type of articles would never be thrown away. One would simply walk down to the corner street repairman and have them fixed. Which is just what I did today. Sean has a favorite downed vest that really helps keep him warm on those cold bike rides to school. However, last year, the zipper broke. We also have a nice spinner suitcase which had a broken expander zipper. I walked down to the repairman this morning and within 10 minutes, he had both articles fixed! The cost…approximately one dollar and fifty cents. He also fixes shoes, belts, etc. Here’s a picture of the machine he uses to sew broken shoes, or ripped leather/canvas goods. He asked me if they have this type of machine in America. I told him I didn’t know. He asked what do we do with broken shoes or purses. I said usually we throw or give them away.


Here’s the man working on my luggage


Finished product…good as new!


God is so Kind to Take Care of His Children

When I woke up Monday morning I saw a missed call from MIchael which came after midnight the night before.  I quickly logged onto Skype to see if Michael was okay.  He wrote me a chat message using his cell phone (thankfully he had a way to contact us!) because he told me that while he was up late studying he had spilled coffee on his Macbook, and the computer had turned itself off automatically.  My heart was so sad for him.  He sounded so down and disappointed, but he wrote that he was praying to the Lord for help.  Sean told me to tell Michael to go ahead and take it to the Apple Store (which just opened in Hong Kong) to get an estimate for repair.  Apple Warranty does not cover spills 🙁

I went off to work at school and got very busy…a couple hours later I realized that I had not logged into skype once I got to work.  So I opened Skype.  Almost immediately I got a message from Michael.  Here’s what it said:

Praise God!! They are fixing it for free…replacing the logic board. It was going to cost 4,000 hkd (about $500 US dollars)” Then he wrote “The guy asked if I was a student.. And I said yes.. And I think he wanted to help me out. And the service agents were very busy too.. You know God overcomes every obstacle”  

My heart soared for Michael.  I was so happy to see how God is building Michael’s faith in HIM.   Later Michael shared that he was sort of happy that the incident happened, so God could be glorified.  And HE sure was.  There is really no logical reason why the Apple Store would offer to fix it for free, except that God wanted to glorify Himself!   

Here’s Michael’s facebook post…after having to endure no computer for almost a week.  I guess he got a taste of what it’s like to be in college without a laptop (like his parents, he had to go to the computer labs on campus to do his work).