Impatient Chinese Drivers

Hearing car horns honking from my 8th floor apartment building is nothing unusual. But this morning while sitting down at my computer after the girls left for the bus stop, all of the sudden I became more acutely aware of some constant horn honking. This usually means there is a traffic jam on the street below our building. I walked over to the kitchen window to take a look and what did I discover…our school bus stuck in a huge traffic jam. The bus had not even reached the stop where it picks up the girls further down the street. AND this was happening nearly 20 minutes after Maddie had left for the bus! Evidentally, Maddie got to our bus stop and seeing that the bus was stuck in traffic, she and the other kids walked down the street to hop onto the stranded bus and sit to wait for the traffic to clear. When I came to look out the window, I noticed Maddie sitting in the front seat, so I called her. She said, “Yeah, we’ve been sitting here for 15 minutes!”

And here’s the cause of the traffic jam. A wedding! When the bride and groom arrive at their new apartment in the morning hours, they are followed by their guests all riding in red cars. Behind these two red cars you would have seen at least 10 more. This long line of cars basically blocks this already crowded side street, and impatient drivers usually try to go around them, which puts them into the lane of oncoming traffic. You can see where the problem comes in! This creates some very impatient drivers, and thus lots of horn honking. Here’s the happy couple.


Pulling into their apartment community followed by the small red car with the videographer.