Vida Nueva

On the weekend of November 11th, Rachel and Jessie took part in the leadership team of our school’s annual retreat called Vida Nueva (Spanish for New Life). Rachel was asked to be the Rectora position (lead female student) and Jessie was asked to be a table leader. Many weeks of prayer and weekly gatherings to prepare went into the weekend. Thirty students from our school came as amigos (participants) in the retreat. The weekend is set up like the “Walk to Emmsus” for adults, that some of you may know of. However this weekend is intended just for teens. The Lord touched many students’ hearts, and there were lots of decisions to accept Jesus as Savior! We are so grateful for the powerful way God is moving among the student body in our school this year.

Here is Rachel with her co-leader, JinHoon, noticed the sweatshirt “Weak = Strong” designed by Jessie