Fellowship and Friendship

At the beginning of this year teachers at our school encouraged students to start and be a part of a small group. After a powerful and moving time at Fall camp (a retreat for all the high school students each September) many students were seeking a place that they could grow in their faith and fellowship with others. I really felt called at that time to start a small group of my own because I had such a fun time doing one with Rachel last year! So I asked around and though only 3 out of the 6 girls that I asked actually had the time to do it, I was very happy that God had given me the opportunity to lead a small group. I have realized over the course of our gatherings how important it is to have a time and a place for Christian fellowship. It is so rare out side of small group opportunities that you really get to share about your faith and how you are feeling with others your age. One girl, a new student to my grade, had quickly become a close friend of mine at the beginning of the year and though I knew she was not yet a Christian, she was openly curious and seeking. She told me later that she had been moved both at Fall Camp and at Vida, a spiritual retreat, but she wanted to learn more about Christianity before she committed to anything. She has such an open heart and I am so encouraged in the fact that each time we meet she shares how surprised she is at different aspects of Christianity, like how God shows no favoritism and how He accepts everyone. I have had a wonderful time learning about God through the girls in my Bible study as well as leading the group in discussions. Most of all, I have learned the importnace of friendship and fellowship in my walk with Christ!