Boxes and Books

Our final exams are FINALLY over! It is such a relief to wake up in the morning and know that you don’t have to rush off to school or to pleasantly realize that for the next four weeks you have break! However it is not all fun and play; during this break our school is moving to a new campus (what a job!). To pull it all off schedules were made and we were “drafted” onto work lists to pack, unpack, clean, and all the other jobs included in a move. My dad volunteered to pack the library (because he has no classroom to pack). So, of course, if he signs up we are automatically “on the list” as well. Though some may think of this as a spoiler to their break, I am actually enjoying the work of packing Library books. We have the Library all to ourselves and we can listen to music or audio books as we pack. Additionally I always enjoy jobs where your progress is visually measurable. In two days we have already packed almost the whole Library and it is so satisfying for me to see all the boxes of books being slowly stacked and creating “walls” in the Library. Over this break I am expecting some work cut out for me in the packing business, but I am joyfully looking forward to peaceful hours packing and stacking.