I’m Lovin’… Sun Tanning


I have just returned from a tropical island in Malaysia called Langkawi (check out our lookbook containing pictures of the trip- coming soon). I had so much fun swimming in our cabin side pool, eating traditional Malaysian food such as fried rice or Tosei a flat bread with a sour dough taste to it, and most of all relaxing in the hot sun so foreign to us here in Tianjin. It is not only always calming to lay in the sun with a good book but getting that bronze colored tone to your skin makes it a win-win situation. However, I personally had a problem trying to both protect my skin while enjoy the heat of the sun as well. Hence, I included some tanning tips for a balance between the two. I hope this post fills your wintery day with sunshine.  Enjoy!!


– Exfoliate skin before tanning
– Take a shower after tanning and apply lotion in order to prevent dry or peeling skin
– Don’t spend too much time in the sun at one time (set a time limit from 15-30 minutes)
– Always use sun tan lotion
– Wear sunglasses and hats to protect your face
– And for an unusual tip… avoid lemons and celery because they cause skin to become more sensitive to the sun.


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