Date with Maddie


Last Friday night the high school had their annual lock-in. With Jessie and Rachel busy with Student Council duties, I took the opportunity to take Maddie out for a date. She was in desperate need of a haircut. Afterwards we went out to a small cafe in the E-mart shopping area, called Alice Cafe. It’s a quaint little cafe, one of Maddie’s favorites, that sells mostly drinks. We wish they would expand their main course menu items — currently consisting of about 4 dishes, but that’s life in China. As we walked in the door, Maddie said, “Oh, no there is Mr. Prescott.” He is Maddie’s 7th grade Bible teacher. What I didnt’ know and what Maddie forgot is that Mr. Prescott had told his class that he meets on Friday evenings at Alice Cafe with local friends to share good news. He told the class that if any student ever wanted to join him, that he would buy them a drink. Maddie, of course was very embarrassed when unexpectedly the server brought her a fresh kiwi shake. I think Mr. Prescott got a giggle.