Dream House Anyone?

I was thinking about what my dream house might look like after reading many posts from Smile and Wave and her moving experiences over the past few weeks. So I decided to go searching for some houses that would be…well dreamy. I found an interesting ¬†interior design and architecture¬†web-site called Fresh Home, perfect for home styling inspiration. So without further ado my dream home…

I love this view of the kitchen.. it is so bright and full of color!

2 thoughts on “Dream House Anyone?

  1. Wow these pics are really amazing. I love those houses too! I went into the website that you’ve posted, and all of them are so cool! tI really want to live in those kind of house when I grow up and can afford it haha. Among those, I especially liked the modern-looking house with a swimming pool and the room full of books. Thank you for your interesting posting. I really enjoyed it (:

  2. I love the way that you get each room to match and have a similar colour theme! You obviously thought about the house as a whole while you went through each room. Another thing I noticed you consistently had was that they are all light and cheerful with lots of windows! I’m guessing this is one house by the view through the windows though! I think it would also be cool if you explained why you liked the house? I did notice you explained why you liked the kitchen though! Will you be doing any more posts on ‘dream houses’ or is this a one time only? I have one more question! What does the outside of the house look like? I think it is a brilliant idea to have ideas for a house, it gets me thinking… what would my dream house look like?

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