Here are some photos that I found in my iphoto from random vacations we took in the past few years. It was funny how many emotions and memories went through my head when I looked through these (if you are in need of a sentimental trip to the past just pull out those photo albums and start flipping!). My first response is to cringe when I see some of these, happiness and amusement come next, then of course sadness over some (missing Michael)! I feel like everyone should take 20 minutes out of their lives to reminisce over old pictures every once in a while. Hope you enjoy… one of my personel favorites is at the bottom right taken on Michaels 18th Birthday.



2 thoughts on “Reminiscent

  1. Hi Maddie, I love your family picture!
    Especially the self-camera picture your brother took!

  2. That is so cooool!!!!!:D I’ve also been Thailand before but my family did not go to beach side:( In the picture, I think the weather was nice:) It looks like drawing!! actually we cannot imagine that kind of weather in TianJin 😛
    I think the picture of china does not seem Tianjin.. maybe other parts of china I think..:)
    I also want to go Travel during the summer holiday<3<3 This posting is awesome and my favorite:P

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