Prayer Request

With the expiration of our current apartment lease drawing close, we have been working with our housing committee to find a different apartment for us to live. After much searching, prayer, and discussion, we found a new place. It is a huge blessing to be able to move closer to our new school campus. Since January when our campus moved, we have had to endure difficult commutes in heavy traffic each day. Sean has missed his 5 minute bike ride, like the one he had to our old campus. A lease was signed last week, and we received the keys to our new place on Friday.

Please pray for us as we transition to a new neighborhood…learning all over again where to buy vegetables, fruit, meat and daily essentials. We have so many fond memories in our current Apt. 801. It will be bitter sweet to move.

Other prayer requests:

  • perseverance in cleaning and getting the new place ready — Chinese don’t clean like Headricks, and there is much to be done
  • patience with one another as we prepare to move — we only have one week to get ready, our move date is scheduled for April 2nd
  • new friendships to form quickly in our new community
  • energy for Sean in this upcoming week (our school 3rd quarter ends on Friday and he must write personal comments for each of his 25+ students)

One big praise, which we are truly grateful for, is that our organization does pay for a moving company for us, so we do not have to pack, load or transport our stuff to the new apartment. FYI, our new apartment just happens to be #902, just one digit up from #801, but I don’t think Sean will change our domain name to I will send a complete new address soon (after I get it myself 🙂

When we say dirty, we are talking dirty…these rags used to be white!  Also pictured, Rachel cleaning the girls’ bathroom and Megan with Susan holding the keys to our new place.


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  1. Thanks for all of these great updates; it really helps to know what all is happening there, and to see your beautiful, smiling faces, too! Exciting stuff–the move and all. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. (So glad your mom, sister, and niece were able to come visit). Take care. Love and miss you guys!

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