Making Memories with Rachel

I arranged to pick up Rachel after her AP Computer Science Exam, to spend the afternoon together. We took the subway to a shopping area downtown. To both of our delight, we found a really nice dress for Rachel’s upcoming graduation. This is saying a lot, because finding just the right dress in China is not always easy. Afterwards we took a ride in a small 3-wheeled taxi-type vehicle over to a the historic Astor Hotel. Built in 1863, this hotel has a rich history as a prime venue for diplomatic activity in Tianjin. The Astor offers English Afternoon Tea which is one of Rachel’s favorite outings. We enjoyed tea and had a nice time planning for the busy weeks to come.


Sweet old gentleman who drove us in his 3-wheeled “taxi”


Historic Catholic church located at the end of the walking shopping street called Bin Jiang Dao.


New Malaysian Friends

A new family from Malaysia, enrolled in our school late last fall. We have become good friends, sharing life as foreigners in China. Although this family looks Asian, their language is different. They speak Malay and Cantonese, which is much different than Mandarin Chinese. I think it is often more difficult for these Asian foreigners because local people expect them to know how to speak their language. Whereas white faces like ours don’t usually speak fluent Mandarin.

Last Sunday night our friends treated us to traditional Malaysian food. Here’s a picture of our girls with their new friend, Poh Ann, enjoying dinner, and Sean and me with our new friends.


Typical Chinese Farm Truck


As we get familiar with our new apartment complex, we noticed many efforts to make the grounds nice. One way is to plant new trees in the spring. Here is an typical Chinese three-wheeled farm truck. When the engine is turned on, you can hear loud rumbles from the exhaust pipes that sound similar to a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

My Little Brown Pocketbook

My little brown pocketbook traveled over 680 miles, from ShangHai to Tianjin China, before it came to me as a gift. For many months I disregarded it’s small brown pages, however one day, when I was feeling especially artistic, I started scribbling a few designs in it. I found that brown paper coupled with black pen gives the whole drawing a new, interesting feel. I am extremely pleased with how my sketches have turned out! Below is a gif of a few of the pages in my little pocket sketch book! Enjoy~

PS: If you enjoyed perusing my little brown notebook as much as I’ve enjoyed filling it’s pages, please leave a comment and I’ll try to upload some more soon!