Office Project 02


Today was step two of our shopping experience- FABRIC MARKET! Maddie joined me on the trip, which transformed the errand from a chore into a delightful outing 🙂 After 8 hours of searching through rolls of fabric, I pulled the prettiest yellow-gold fabric topped with a sea-breeze-blue pattern. It brightens the office significantly, and adds a bit of color to contrast the simplicity of the furniture and wall color.

We’ve also begun measuring, sketching, and taping the soon-to-be chevron designed wall.  I’m thrilled with the way its looking so far 😉 According to the pictures below we will be painting the thicker stripe white, that way the colors (taupe&white) will not contrast each other too dramatically creating a harsh feeling in the room.


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2 thoughts on “Office Project 02

  1. Sounds like it is progressing well, home depot in China? Is there a Lowe’s? Love the fabric choices!

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