Ukuleles and Gell Pens

Now that I am an upperclassman I have been giving more thought to what I really love to do. Last year, when Michael began Architecture at HongKong University, he often reminded me that I should choose a career/school that I will love and be passionate about. So I began to explore new hobbies.

One hobby I picked up about a year ago was sketching in a little brown-paper pocketbook. By practicing, I not only realized how much I love putting pen to paper, but how much I enjoy the thought process behind creating different types of art!

I have always loved music, both singing and playing. Before last Christmas, the only instrument I had ever played was the Clarinet. However, when a friend came to China for a visit, I was inspired by her (who was an amazing Ukelele player), to get one of my own! It is the most challenging yet rewarding hobby for me.

My beloved Ukulele ~ I love you!

A sample of my most recent art endeavor. Michael had an idea of a “star ship” while we were listening to – you guessed it – “Star Ships” by Niki Minaj. This is actually a X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars bejeweled in gel pens! Stay tuned for the finished product ~

Since Michael spoke to me last year I have realized so much truth in his words! Do what you are passionate about – this will bring you joy. Some days when I feel really uninspired I just play a few songs on my ukelele and it really brightens my mood! Don’t brush off the things you are interested in as unimportant – dig deeper into those passions and develop them.

3 thoughts on “Ukuleles and Gell Pens

  1. hey this is sarah just reading your blog im glad we got to spend time together this summer you are a very talented young lady i love that you picked up the artistic gene from pop and grandpa i wished i could have got it hope you have a good school year and remember to have fun i remember the little girl who picked up a garden snake and loved playing and being a country girl dont ever forget those memories i love you

    love sarah

    • Sarah thank you so much. I enjoyed my time with you so much this summer (even though it was short!) -I’m beginning to think that too… baking delicious treats all day, decorating my “own” house, and taking care of sweet babies all day sounds like a dream 😉

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