Construction in Progress!

The chilly breeze that met me this morning as we hurried to the bus stop reminded me that fall is on it’s way.  You know what that means, the whirl of business is upon us!  Fall and Spring always seem to me like the busiest seasons and right now I am definitely feeling it.   Student Council retreats, upcoming SAT exams, AP homework, and school trips are overtaking me like a tidal wave!  However, I know that if I work at it little by little and rely on my Helper and Provider I can ride this wave.  Speaking of which, I have here a few of the projects I am working on right now – you could pretty much say that time management consumes my life right now!  I am currently working on four different art projects, my beloved Elk painting, a “start ship”, an oil pastel parrot, and my little squid friends…

This elk portrait was a spur-of -the-moment project.  Michael and I got inspired when visiting a construction material market. The goal was to create an art piece on transparent plastic with a leaf, silhouette border. After many discussions, lots of paint, and a thistle broom, an Elk emerged from the plastic!

I was inspired to create this “star ship” by Michael. In this post you can read a little more about the process and idea behind it…

Above is my oil pastel parrot which I am quite pleased with so far.  This piece has definitely been a learning experience for me, being my first time using oil pastels.  Using this medium gives the feathers a very vivid color

You may recognize these squids from my Aquatic Sketches that I posted earlier this summer.  They were my inspiration for this piece, incorporating three squids ascending into a UFO.



2 thoughts on “Construction in Progress!

  1. I think I would like to have the elk project for my home…that is if you are willing. Are the leaves real or painted?
    Love the parrot too, the colors are really vibrant!
    How special to be versed in the arts!!!

  2. When you are sketching, are you looking at a picture of something? I like sketches too. The look of the black on white.

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