Cake Walk by Rachel

Last Saturday, our school hosted a Fall Festival for all staff (including International and Chinese National staff). Our auditorium was absolutely packed with teachers, bus drivers, janitors, cafeteria workers and their accompanying families.  After a short presentation detailing our school‚s history (for the family members who have never visited our school), a massive scavenger hunt began where teams were rewarded for the diversity of their members.  However, instead of join my family’s team, I decided to spend the afternoon chatting with my good friend, the Elementary secretary, Susan Zhou. We have become really close friends this year since I am no longer busy with school 🙂 She and I are coffee lovers at heart so we spend most of our „hang-out-times‰ in coffee shops. We also share a tutoring job.  We teach a young Chinese girl in 1st grade; Susan tutors half the week and I tutor the other half. In this way, we always have strategies to talk about concerning the progress of Mirranda’s English. 
One of the activities organized for Saturday’s festival was a cake walk. With my recent fascination in baking, I contributed TWO cakes for the game. Can you guess what happened when Susan and I participated? Her number was the very first one to be chosen! But our luck didn’t stop there- the very next winning number chosen was mine! She chose the pumpkin bundt cake that I made (as any good friend would do ;), and I chose a delicious looking apple pie. After the fall festival was over, Susan came over to my house and we snuggled up to watch a movie with pumpkin lattes and our winnings. What a blessing it is to have friends and family to share this festive season with! 

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