Megan and the College Kids

In Hong Kong, after church with Michael, we had brunch at this new cafe near campus.  Here’s Michael with some of his friends and the girls. 
Henry took a special liking to Megan during our trip to Hong Kong.  He even bought her a little Christmas gift.  Henry is a native from Hong Kong and is studying Industrial Engineering.  Michael knows Henry through the campus ministry, International Christian Fellowship.

Together Again With Michael

Our first Christmas Day without Michael, was not too bad, since we all knew we would see him just two days later.  Over the holiday break we traveled to Hong Kong for the first time since Michael began college in fall 2011, at The University of Hong Kong.  A family in Michael’s church was generous enough to let us stay in their small HK flat which had a beautiful view of the harbor.  We enjoyed seeing his campus, meeting new friends, attending church at Watermark Community Church, and of course shopping and eating delicious western food in Hong Kong.

Arriving at the airport

Merry Christmas!

Just stopping by to wish all of you a very merry christmas! Life has been hectic having to finish up this semester of school and go christmas shopping but somehow I think everything worked out perfectly. No matter how much stress comes with the christmas season I still love it anyway!

merry merry

I hope all you guys’ christmas day turn out great.

Rachel Meets up with TIS Alumni

Over Christmas break a few of Rachel’s friends returned to spend the holidays with their families.  Rachel had a chance to meet up with some of them at the coffee shop in our school.  It was a great opportunity for her to gather more information about college life and changes ahead. 

Megan Class Party

Rachel and I helped Megan’s 1st grade teacher with their class Christmas party.  Rachel made all the cookies and frosting, then together we helped each group of children decorate them.  Meanwhile other groups of students heard the story, “The Legend of the Candy Cane” and others made Christmas cards.  Megan’s teacher was very brave to have twenty-two 1st grade children all at her apartment!