Biscuits n’ Snow

snowflake This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland outside. So lovely. upclose Being the sweet older sister that I am, I dragged myself out of bed extra early to bake ¬†warm, fluffy biscuits for breakfast. Baking for my sisters is such fun; Jessie will never get tired of a sweet snack to pair with her tea obsession, Maddie won’t tell me if she’s unimpressed (which is a very good thing ;), and Megan has considerably low expectations (she’d rather have an oreo than chocolate mousse!) What will I do without these three? Anyway. While obediently washing my dishes after sticking these delights in the oven, I lost myself in the slow-paced world of morning grogginess. Thankfully, Mom saved our breakfast just in time from being baked to a deathly crisp. branch I happily enjoyed a honey-butter filled breakfast this morning while the flurries quietly drifted to the ground all around me. topbiscuit twigs

2 thoughts on “Biscuits n’ Snow

  1. Those look like the most excellent biscuits I’ve ever seen. Sure wish I could have been there to try them with you. I can’t imagine the wonderful smells and tastes you all enjoy together. I am thoroughly amazed at how you all stay so slender–you must do lots of exercising/outdoor activities. Are those pictures you took of the snow outside by you? Those are amazing as well. Wow–beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy.

  2. Loved the pictures. I also wish I had been there to taste the biscuits. Lovely!
    I am Dawn’s mom.

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