Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day conveniently fell during our Chinese New Year break.  It was a great excuse for the girls to have a party with friends.  Living in Tianjin, we don’t have the convenient Target Retail Store to run down to for party supplies and goodies.  The girls came up with some creative fun…homemade cards and fresh flower bouquets in creative vases.    Jessie scavenged my pantry for empty jars and containers, and spray-painted and removed old labels to provide vases for decorating.  Rachel made a delicious 6 layer red velvet cake, and Maddie came up with party games (the old familiar Spoons card game).  Most of the girls attending came from Maddie’s 9th grade class.  We also had 12th and 10th grade friends of Jessie and Rachel.

The cake, it was spectacular!


Flower vases, card game, cake pops and Jessie’s creative card.