Happy New Year

Chun Jie  Kuai Le  translated Happy Spring Festival.  In China, this celebration marks the coming of spring, at the start of the lunar calendar.  Our new apartment complex had an array of light displays, including this one below.   One could liken it to how American decorate their yards with Christmas lights in December.  We ventured out during the evening of Chun Jie to see the displays and enjoy the fireworks.


Ice Skating with Friends

Our city of Tianjin is dramatically changing each year, bringing more choices in activities, shopping and dining.  In year’s past we have gone ice “chair” skating on frozen canals near our previous apartment complex.   In our new neighborhood we found an indoor ice skating rink.  Our friends from Malaysia have only been ice skating a few times in their lives.  Jessie, Maddie and Rachel were patient teachers, helping their little 4 year old guy to get steady on his feet, Maddie and Megan pair up to help the middle daughter, and Rachel helps the oldest.