The Sketchbooks Have Arrived!

Last summer, as Michael and I were searching around for ways to develop our personal artistic style and technique, we stumbled upon The Sketchbook Project. This organization caters to individuals wishing to showcase their creativity and artistic ability; they send out blank sketchbooks to people all around the United States, who then paint, collage, draw, or sketch in them (returning the completed books to The Sketchbook Project a few months later). All of the sketchbooks are taken on tour around America and eventually uploaded onto the computer to be personally accessed from their digital library.

Long story short, Michael and I each ordered a blank sketchbook last summer, and unsurprisingly it sat comfortably on my shelf, untouched until January. While on Christmas vacation, I received a reminder, alerting participants of the fast-approaching deadline in one month – what a shocker! Would I let my money go to waste and pass up the opportunity to participate because of my procrastination? Never!

I had essentially one week remaining to fill the sketchbook and return it to The Sketchbook Project . Hence, for the next 5 days, I woke up, bussed to and from school, put together a tea tray for myself, and sketched until bed time (my perfectionism certainly heightened the pressure). I finished it by the end of the week, and was very proud of the “rushed” outcome.

I learned several things about myself through the completion of my sketchbook… 1.) When I persevere in something that requires daily attention, and reach the definite “finish line,” I find myself missing the work that caused so much stress! 2.) In this project I had no time to second-guess my work or ask for constructive criticism… being forced to go with my gut, I learned to be confident in my ability. Indeed, I do not wish to discredit input from others, I am just glad for the opportunity to swim whichever way I please in this great ocean of creativity.

Thanks, Michael, for making me do this; I loved it!

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