Getting Some Perspective

To my fun loving sister, Maddie: I have really enjoyed the past few days that we have spent together. Ice cream, rockin’ music, the Revolution TV series, house keeping… the list of activities we shared this past week goes on and on. I love how you bring so much freedom and excitement into what we do together (even our failures at home-making have been fun!).

I want to share two desktop wallpapers with you that I made. These wallpapers remind me of this stylish, sweet, energetic girl who would totally have these on her tumblr blog, Tall Buildings. Hope you enjoy them! Love you, Maddie!


Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 9.40.39 PM

Download the wallpaper size here: Widen Your Gaze, Escape the Beaten Path

2 thoughts on “Getting Some Perspective

  1. Jessie,
    I am so impressed with these wallpapers! I’m totally going to use one 😉 Love you tons <3

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