Mother’s Day


Dad is out of town for two weeks, and with Michael still in HK finishing up his semester, its just girls for a while…


Being Mother’s Day yesterday, we had real reason to celebrate as we have a truly wonderful Mother. So, after a relaxing post-church rest time, we all went out for a late Sunday lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant. Everyone is usually so busy with school/work, that we never have the opportunity to spend an entire day simply being. As a result, days like these are rare and precious.


Arriving back home, we immediately piled onto the sofas and quieted down for an afternoon movie. During intermission, I served this coconut cake, tea, and coffee to everyone.


(roasted artichoke and red onion pizza)




(on my list of beverages to make in the NEAR future: Italian lemonade- there were hints of basil amidst the citrus sweetness)


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  1. Thanks for this beautiful post and for the lovely day…the coconut cake was do delicious!

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