The Power of a Song

Dear Rachel,

As I was on the plane headed back to Tianjin listening to music, I thought to myself how powerful music can be. It can make you cry, laugh, and embarrass yourself more than you thought it ever could. As I sat on my incredibly uncomfortable Hainan Airlines seat, with aching legs and tired eyes I started to think of all the songs out there that reminded me of you. These songs stick in my head, and every time they happen to play I think of you.  For example, “There Can Be Miracles” in the Prince of Egypt, this song reminds me of the time we went to KTV (karaoke) with our cousin, Jenna. You and Jessie sang this song together at the top of your lungs (standing on top a table, of course) and had no shame whatsoever. Or “Stay” by Rihanna, this song can almost make me cry even thinking about how you loved listening to it and every time it came on the radio I just had to call you over to listen with me. I am so thankful that God has placed these songs in my life so that every time I’m missing you or just need a little cry I can listen to these songs and think of my sweet big sister.

Below are just a few of many songs that remind me of YOU. (If the player doesn’t work just click HERE or HERE – sorry!).

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