On site in Pittsburgh


Hey my sibs,

Seeing that I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for 3 weeks now, its high time that I share some snapshots of my new home with you. These photos were actually taken for a school studio project. Groups of three were assigned specific locations around Pittsburgh to explore and photograph. I was one of the three to travel downtown for the exciting photo-expedition. I had no idea where we were headed until I literally stepped off the bus into the classy, theater-filled, waterfront of Pittsburgh. It has been such an interesting place to photogrpah.

Lion King is in town this month, so all the theaters have festively dawned yellow banners and Safari characters in their windows for the occasion.






IMG_0541As I look back on these few photos, I am again amazed at Pittsburgh’s unique atmosphere. From pink bridges and sculpted flowers, to flash thunder storms and cathedrals, this place is perplexing.


Thats all for now, I hope these pictures say a thousand words about my experience here so far… its at least a little clearer than telling you about it over Skype 😉 Have a great weekend! Miss you guys!

My Colleagues at School

The Admissions and Public Relations office where I work is growing as our school’s student body increases.  My work is all media related.  However I do get grabbed to give a school tour on occasion.  One of my biggest responsibilities is maintaining and updating our school website.  Each week I lead a team to publish a parent newsletter in four languages.   Last week Megan was featured in the cover photo, go here to check out The Eagles Nest.

The ladies I work with are a neat and diverse group.  Pictured here are ladies from China, Korea, Australia, France, Japan, New Zealand and of course, me from the US.  I learn lots of things from each of these ladies about Asian culture.

Admissions Team

Fall Camp Preparations

Fall Camp Prep

High School Fall Camp is upon us.  Jessie, being a senior this year, was teamed up with a fellow classmate to lead their group of underclassmen for the camp’s competitions.  Groups engage in team building challenges, earning points throughout the camp time.  In the evenings students gather together to hear from the Guest Speaker.  This person will encourage and challenge the students for the upcoming school year, to focus their attention on what God has in store.  Sean has been asked to be this year’s Guest Speaker!

One big blessing for the girls, Maddie was placed in Jessie’s fall camp group.  This is an extra special blessing since the advisors don’t usually put siblings in the same group.  See them pictured above, working on props for their group’s skit.