Robotics: New Update Avaliable

Michael and Rachel:

Today I was shocked to hear that Rachel didn’t know where the robotics class was going for their first competition: Tokyo Japan! Japanese sushi, BBQ, fashion, and robot fighting, here we come.
It is due time for an update on our progress: Michael, I’m sure you will find these robot designs interesting – try to guess which one is mine!


We still have some serious progress to make before our competition in November, so we decided to pull an “all-nighter” at school to finish our work (a.k.a. Robotics Sleepover!). We ordered out Korean Fried Chicken and watched Pacific Rim (the perfect movie for a robotics party). I may have only slept one hour, but after the SAT and college application packed vacation I just had, I needed some relaxation.

Rachel, don’t be horrified by this primitive manner of espresso making. We have to do what we have to do to get some caffine!


Michael, tomorrow we start the main construction on the Vex Toss-Up field and I’ll be thinking of you! I will suppliment this post soon with pictures of our finished field!
I miss you both so much!