Outings with Maddie and Megan

This weekend Sean and Jessie were in Tokyo for the VEX Robotics Challenge.  So Maddie, Megan and I had some fun of our own.  Friday night we ate at a new Vietnamese restaurant in Tianjin…yum, then walked through the park adjoining the restaurant to watch night-time Chinese line dancers.  Then Saturday we had an afternoon of shopping and errands.  All our running around lead to three hungry gals, so we tried a new cafe that Jessie told us about.  It’s a Korean cafe which is typical of most coffee cafes here in Tianjin; the menu has more than 6 pages of special drinks and one page of food.  This particular cafe serves hamburgers as one of their three food choices.  Surprisingly, it was one of the better burgers that I’ve had in China.  Sunday we spent the morning chatting with Rachel over skype and having devotion time;   then the afternoon cooking and watching American football.  Rested and ready to start another week at school!

IMG_3451 IMG_3459