Rachel is Home

Some sisters here in Tianjin are so happy to see Rachel!


DSC_0138 CYMERA_20131222_120040

Rachel arrived on December 17th to a snow-covered city.   Due to the bad weather in Tianjin, the driver I hired to take me to Beijing had to cancel because the highways were closed 🙁  So I had to brave my way via taxi, to hi-speed train, to subway, then airport express train to finally get to the Beijing International Airport – nearly 4 hours after leaving home.   It was my first time making this trip alone and it was an adventure, especially in the bad weather.  However, to my surprise, the weather in Beijing was sunny!  As I traveled on the hi-speed train to Beijing I watched as the skies and the ground cleared.

View from my train window leaving Tianjin


Fifteen minutes later, on the outskirts of Beijing, the skies are clearing


Airport Express train arriving at the airport under blue skies!