About Us

Connecting Four was born on the cliffs of an island off the mainland of Malaysia. Over a Chinese New Years holiday trip together, the four Headrick siblings talked about their futures and the different paths they would soon take: Michael was in Architecture school in Hong Kong, Rachel was finishing high school in China and headed for the United States, and Jessie and Maddie were just beginning their high school education in Tianjin,China. Not only did we need something that would connect across continents, we were looking for somewhere that we could live out a common creative vision. We knew that one day we might not be in the same country or doing similar work-but we wanted something that could transcend that. This is what brought Connecting Four to life-something that would connect our family no matter where in the world we were.

Michael recently graduated with an Architecture degree from The University of Hong Kong. Michael curates the Connecting Four tumblr. Apart from design and architecture, he has interests in design strategy, Asian food, and traveling.

Rae is going into her second year at Carnegie Mellon University working towards a Bachelor of Design in Communication (Graphic) Design. She is the resident master chef-she bakes cakes to die for.

Jessie has recently graduated from high school in China and will be transitioning to Carnegie Mellon, where she will also be studying Design. In high school, Jessie designed robots and was an independent art scholar during her final two years of study.

Maddie is entering her Junior year of high school. Between classes and homework, Maddie is the works on a video, music, or photography projects.

Megan is Connecting Four’s +One. She loves playing in the gardens of our Chinese neighbourhood and making drawings for Michael, Rachel, Jessie, and Maddie. She is the cutest out of the five kids and she knows it!