Side Walk Chalking

Yes, it may seem childish, but side walk chalk is nothing less than fun. While I was sitting on my grandparents porch this summer, I thought to myself it would be fun to create some colorful art on the sidewalk. After I finished my creation and showed it to the others, then almost everyone began coloring away.
Jessie decided to draw a bright hot air balloon, inspired by one that had flown over our heads just minutes before. Rachel drew a chalky sunset like the one we had been enjoying every night for the past few days. I, on the other hand, was less creative and stuck with the word love. In the end the pavement leading up to my grandparents house was, to put it simply, very very colorful.

The Power of a Song

Dear Rachel,

As I was on the plane headed back to Tianjin listening to music, I thought to myself how powerful music can be. It can make you cry, laugh, and embarrass yourself more than you thought it ever could. As I sat on my incredibly uncomfortable Hainan Airlines seat, with aching legs and tired eyes I started to think of all the songs out there that reminded me of you. These songs stick in my head, and every time they happen to play I think of you.  For example, “There Can Be Miracles” in the Prince of Egypt, this song reminds me of the time we went to KTV (karaoke) with our cousin, Jenna. You and Jessie sang this song together at the top of your lungs (standing on top a table, of course) and had no shame whatsoever. Or “Stay” by Rihanna, this song can almost make me cry even thinking about how you loved listening to it and every time it came on the radio I just had to call you over to listen with me. I am so thankful that God has placed these songs in my life so that every time I’m missing you or just need a little cry I can listen to these songs and think of my sweet big sister.

Below are just a few of many songs that remind me of YOU. (If the player doesn’t work just click HERE or HERE – sorry!).

Note: The player may not work if you are using google chrome as a browser.

KimChi Rice

kimchiriceI am a big fan of Korean food so when I found this recipe on Cakies Blog I couldn’t resist trying it out myself. I picked up a package of kimchi at the store and tried my hand at Korean cooking. However, I didn’t read the recipe close enough to know I needed 3 cups of kimchi and I only had about 1 cup’s worth. “No problem, I’ll just half the recipe,” I thought. Well I prepared the dish following the recipe adding seaweed as a garnish, but I have to admit it was a little bland. Hey, I’ll get it next time, I’m sure of it.  Anyhow, it was a good try and I’m not giving up on my Korean cooking just yet!  The full recipe can be found here.sauceWe used this korean sauce (actually meant for meat) to add more flavor. kimchirice2

The Beach Trip


During our visits in Houston the whole family (including aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents) took a trip down to the beach. We packed up the RV and got on the road. After a whole year away from the beach we were ready for some sun.

boatride boatride2

While at the beach we got to go on a boat ride with Pop (our grandpa) where we saw dolphins (notice the fins on the top picture)! Although at first I wasn’t too excited to go on the boat ride, after we started to pull away from the dock, I immediately started to enjoy my ride on the water.



It was great spending time in the sun and just hanging out by the water for a few days. The beach trip was a perfect way to spend some quality time with the people I love♥.


First Days in The US

Jessie, Michael, & Rachel,

Hey! It’s been over a week and I can’t lie, I have been loving my time here in America. So far I’ve shopped (and spent too much money), swam (numerous times), gone on a boat ride, taken many a golf cart rides, eaten a little too much junk food and spent a lot of time with family. It’s been a great vacation but I sure am missing each one of you :(. I feel like it’s been weeks since I last saw all of you guys.

Jessie, I miss all of our crazy  hugs and funny conversations about school. I can’t wait to spend long car rides together talking and hanging out.

Rachel, I miss your delicious cupcakes and your amazing planning skills ;). I cannot wait to show you my new clothes and swimsuit I got this past week!

Michael, I just miss chatting with you! We are going to have a blast this summer enjoying a break from work, aren’t we?!

Here is a peek at the fun I’ve been having here!

americapics copy


With the end of school coming up, there is so much to be done: finals to study for, friends to say goodbye to, and the summer to prepare for!  Also, with Rachel getting ready to head off to college so much is on my mind (I don’t want you to go, Rachel!). I’m sure Michael would also agree things are getting crazy. Right Now he is finishing up his final project before the end of school in about three weeks. In all this craziness, weekends are so precious; they provide so much rest refuge from life. All that to say it’s no surprise that I am so not ready for school tomorrow! Fingers-crossed that this week will go by fast!

Dirty, Dirty Blog Office


A week has passed since the hectic consecutive three week birthday celebrations (Megan’s birthday on March 31, and a week later my birthday on April 6th, then a week later Jessie’s birthday).  Let me tell you, decorations, cake, and presents  three weeks in a row has left us tired, fat and broke!  I’m so very thankful though for Rachel and the Blog Office who were partners in crime (more like partners in success) while planning and preparing for all these birthdays – I ♥ you, Rachel!

All this partying has left a lot of clean up in their wake though! While cleaning up and organising the blog office I was inspired (yes, inspired by cleaning). How could I not be inspired by, what looked like, an explosion of ribbons, paper, glitter, and streamers surrounding me?!  Tidying up was actually a lot of fun, and I’d do again any day. I think we can all agree that reorganising and tidying may be hard business, but it is so refreshing and exciting to step back and see the finished project!



P.S. Stay tuned for birthday party posts!

Rachel, We Miss You!


To my dearest sister who is in America on the search for colleges:
How’s the sweet smell of American air?!  We are so jealous of you  – Grrr… (Not to mention we are missing you like CRAZY!)  With Jessie studying for all the AP exams coming up, I’m so lonely over here. I do hope y0u are having fun though; enjoy every moment you have reuniting with friends and family! …. And Come back soon (*cough* with some goodies *cough*). We’re praying for you!

P.S. I hope you find that dream school you’re looking for (*fingers crossed*).

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Korean Cravings


Having recently moved to a new district in Tianjin, we are now a 10 minute walk from several Korean food restaurants. I love Korean food so much that I can’t help but go once, twice, or even three times a month : ) Korean style complimentary appetizers are a highlight of my meal… you see, shortly after being seated, you are served a variety of taste-testers before the meal *no waiting idly while my stomach growls uncontrollably!* If you’ve never tried Korean food, I highly recommend it, check out a few of my favorite dishes below!

My ultimate favorite dish is 냉면; translated “cold noodles.” Yes, I know it sounds odd but trust me, its “oh-so-yummy!”


double foodkimchi love

I’m Lovin’… Food Gawker

 First and foremost I’d like to repent of beging terribly MIA on Connecting4 lately.

It’s a new year and I am super excited for all the new that is coming my way. Finally I can start a fresh with all my goals, ideas, and planning… Also, *fun fact* this is about the time we first started connecting four so… happy birthday Connecting Four!


Anyways…  Food Gawker is always the place to go when you’re either bored out of your mind, or when you’re searching for “that perfect” recipe. Below are five recipes that are officially on my “upcoming-cooking-adventure” list. Of course, Rachel will be helping me in this particular field of expertise, since the kitchen and I don’t particularly see eye-to-eye.


As you can probably tell from the selection above I am a very traditional yet snacky type of person when it comes to eatables. I couldn’t help but include a funnel cake recipe, although it may be on the unhealthy side,  the thrill and excitement of its traditional environment <AMUSEMENT PARKS!> rubs off on me.  The spinach pesto sauce is my second favorite… I am reminded of late night dinners which consist of sprawling out on the couch with a huge bowl of basil covered pasta, while watching A Cinderella Story with my sisters.

I think it’s safe to say that food gawker is perfect for food lovers- whether or not the kitchen is your playground!

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