I’m Lovin’… Gold

My third post from the collection, I’m Lovin’ Colors, is here!  This week I went bold and picked GOLD! The color gold always seems to make me smile and that is exactly why I picked the color.

I don’t know about you guys but I just get excited when I see things that are gold like this dress. I think one reason I adore the color gold is because its so different, it can glitter, sparkle and gleam and never seems to get old to me. Just think about it, what is gold that isn’t amazing? I can’t help but feel somehow exhilarated when I see that perfect Gold dress, necklace, or iPhone case laying in front of me.

What color excites you?

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Tumblr Finds

Let’s face it, would you rather read a Tumblr photo blog or a Biology text book? It’s pretty much a no brainer… If you’re ever looking for some way to relax (or procrastinate) this is the way to do it! Although I sometimes spend hours (oops did I just admit that) on these photo journals, I always close my computer lid with a smile. The endless pictures, quotes, and gifs are a “spoonful of sugar” for gray day. Next time you need some inspiration just refer to Tumblr, the never ending slideshow of heartening photos.

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I’m Lovin’… Turquoise

Connecting Four has become very real and important to me lately. With Michael’s passion and work on it over the summer as my foundation, and the blog office renovations coming along (see Office Project) I am feeling more determined than ever to whip posts out. Although school has been a lot to handle, balancing my time between academics and blogging has been a good challenge and learning experience for me.

This week I was inspired to pick a more unique color, rather than the generic “red, blue, orange or green.” The first color that came to mind was turquoise. At first I was going to add a beach theme into the mix (notice the fish-painted plate and earrings), but as you can see it then evolved into this! I think I’m learning because this post didn’t take me long to create which is surprising as it normally take me quite a while to finish these kinds of posts (I know… it’s lame). I hope I will be as inspired to work this hard next week as I was today!

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I’m Lovin’… Anything Vintage

Today was the first day back to school after 5 weeks of break. And to be frank I hated it! It was so tiring and long…But I got through the day alright.

As of late I have been obsessing over anything vintage. All the blogs I visited that posted about something vintage inspired me more and more to make a post of my own that en captures the beauty of vintage style. So I did it! 1: Vintage clothing in my opinion is too adorable although I don’t have many vintage articles in my closet right now I’m planning to hunt for some this summer while in America. 2: Vintage Adds, it has taken me a while to find some good sites to find vintage adds but I did and I love them (Found in Mom’s Basement & Captain Geoffrey Spaulding’s Photostream on Flickr). 3: Vintage Electronics, when I think of vintage electronics 3 things pop into my mind are vintage cameras, vintage typewriters, and vintage telephones. 4: Vintage Luggage, I was browsing over pinterest for vintage pics and I noticed that there were many pictures of vintage suitcases and luggage so I decided to add a photo of some cute suitcases stacked on each other. Well that’s all for now folks!

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From the Studio: DIY Chevron Clutch

Cliche as it may be, I had to do something with this old pencil case. The Fidelity Federal Credit Union pouch was used for money, chequebooks or other documents (from my Dad’s first job at 16 years old!), but we now use it to store pens and markers. Some of the markers had discoloured the zip-up bag, and I knew the leather case could be transformed with just a bit of masking tape and some spray paint.

Time to make this into a chic clutch!

Use Masking tape to cover the area where you want to keep the original color, in my case this cool electric blue.

I painted some pink on the zipper, and lastly covered the whole clutch with silver. (Sorry for the image quality-iPhone pics!)

I really love how it turned out! The right-angled zig-zag is not quite a chevron, but it really gives a cool twist to the old chequebook carrier.

Pair this with a cocktail dress or keep using it for writing utensils.
Put it with this navy blue look, or these cute mint pants!

The Learning Process and a T-Shirt

You know, this image isn’t about growing. It isn’t about changing. Nothing too deep.
This is just my attempt to make something better.
The process of refinement.
The voyage toward new possibilities.
Starting with the realization that you always have room to grow, to change, and to think deeper.

I’m Lovin’… Sunglasses

Sunglasses add a whole new aspect to an outfit that are not only useful but can be totally stylish if you wear them right. Unfortunately, last week on my Spring Trip I didn’t have any sunglasses (pictures of my adventures coming soon!) and I will admit it did get a little sunny at times. So with the summer season around the corner, shopping for some new sunglasses isn’t a bad idea. Although sometimes they can get pricey, sunglasses can be your best friend! Personally, I adore the Red Apple Sunglasses from Mod Cloth (#4) because they are so creative – and to tell you the truth I am not one for small lensed sunglasses – so these are perfect for me! Hope you’re summer is starting off fabulously with beautiful a pair of sunglasses!

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I’m Lovin… Navy

My outfit today, a navy polka dotted sun dress from Forever 21, was my inspiration for writing this post. This dress is one of my favorites because it is so light weight and comfortable – a perfect sun dress for the summer months. Let’s face it – life just wouldn’t be the same without sun dresses, especially when they’re polka dotted!  My favorite part of this “I’m Lovin” is definitely the patterned backpack; I’ve been needing a new bag for months now, and I just haven’t found one that fulfills all my requirements – ie. big enough – but not to bulky, stylish, comfortable, and it just has to be me.  For any fans out there who want to send me a surprise gift, you know what to buy!

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100 Layer Cake Giveaway

Last year during my final exams (right before Christmas) I won a giveaway from the blog and wedding company 100 Layer Cake. I cannot tell you how excited I was when I received Jillian’s email that read, “Hi Rachel, I’m beyond thrilled to announce you’re the winner of our holiday giveaway!” It happened on the last day of finals and after a long week of study, I was thrilled. Anyway, because I am presently living here in Tianjin, I had all of the gifts sent to my grandparents house in Texas, who would then send it to me… AND ITS FINALLY HERE! I opened the package at around 11:00 pm last night and then snapped some photos this morning.