My New Room

I finally got my hands on a nice camera to take these photos for you guys. I hope you enjoy this virtual tour of my new dorm room…
As far as bedding goes, I decided to stick with the simplistic “white-out” look. Thankfully, my room was blessed with lots of light, and paired with white walls and bedding, I open my door to a bright oasis every afternoon.
The hanging frame and mirror display was always a look that I loved for bedroom decor. During my two weeks with Grams and Gramps in SD, I compiled this small collection for my own version:
-As you know, the pink cake plate is one of my favorites and it brings back sweet memories of my baking days in TJ.
-The picture frames were given to me by Grandma, and as you can see I haven’t found photos to fill them with yet!
-The two mirrors were actually $2.00 from Goodwill. I spray painted them black.

I am obsessed with succulent plants right now and believe it or not I lugged this gold pot of cacti all the way from a farmer’s market in SD. I definitely wouldn’t consider myself to have a green thumb, but so far so good for these little guys ūüôā


The map above my bed is my favorite piece of decor so far. Coincidently it fits perfectly under our bedroom light fixtures, which in my opinion, gives it an elegant look.
~Every time I look up at it I can imagine all of you talking around the dinner table at home in China.   IMG_0547



Love and miss you all.

Are You a Digital Citizen?

Rachel: Here is my very first infographic flowchart! Dad wanted some posters for his classroom and asked me to make one about being a “Digital Citizen”. Originally, I planned to find a good one online and tweak it a bit to fit our purposes, but I ended making one completely from scratch. I am really pleased with how it turned out!

So, are you a Digital Citizen?

Digital Citizen

From the Studio: Visual Communications

Finishing up the semester, I had this one last project in my Visual Communications class. I was inspired by the Mars One project, a nonprofit that
is aiming to start a colony on Mars in the year 2023.

This is an interesting situation, working with architecture in a low-gravity environment, and also making an infrastructure that utilizes the resources on Mars to then facilitate human inhabitance.

Aqueduct Diagram

Terrace Diagram

Hive Diagram

These three parts of the infrastructure will, in a combined effort, be able to allow people to live on the Red Planet.

Below are some renderings and visual representations of how this might work.

Site Strategy





Expansion Plan

New Beginnings

Michael, throughout my visit to Carnegie Mellon University, I thought of you often. Being the first member of Connecting4 to step out into the world of study and responsibility, your experience at HKU is naturally the image that represents “college” for me. Hence, when I spent time in the US this past week observing current students, eating meals at college canteens & cafes, and discovering each university’s unique academic approach, I subconsciously compared everything I saw to Hong Kong University.

It surprised me when, on several occasions this week, I expressed my disappointment over not being able to attend school with you in HongKong. You see, earlier when I decided against HK for college, it didn’t immediately hit me how many hopes of mine were concentrated there. I don’t really know how to explain it, I guess I just didn’t realize how much I had been looking forward to spending my university experience with you by my side.


Now that I am examining all of these new options in America, I am distressed at the prospect of giving up my dreams and aspirations centered around HK.

This whole process is so new to me, I keep unearthing buried emotions which I didn’t know existed, let alone would affecte me so dramatically!

I want, more than ever, to visit you.

I miss you.


<year one architecture students working on a group project to create a variety of wooden structures>


<year one design students’ work: a project used to encourage recycling>


<ceiling of Carnegie Mellon’s Fine Arts department>


Getting Some Perspective

To my fun loving sister, Maddie: I have really enjoyed the past few days that we have spent together. Ice cream, rockin’ music, the Revolution TV series, house keeping… the list of activities we shared this past week goes on and on. I love how you bring so much freedom and excitement into what we do together (even our failures at home-making have been fun!).

I want to share two desktop wallpapers with you that I made. These wallpapers remind me of this stylish, sweet, energetic girl who would totally have these on her tumblr blog, Tall Buildings. Hope you enjoy them! Love you, Maddie!


Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 9.40.39 PM

Download the wallpaper size here: Widen Your Gaze, Escape the Beaten Path

The Sketchbooks Have Arrived!

Last summer, as Michael and I were searching around for ways to develop our personal artistic style and technique, we stumbled upon The Sketchbook Project. This organization caters to individuals wishing to showcase their creativity and artistic ability; they send out blank sketchbooks to people all around the United States, who then paint, collage, draw, or sketch in them (returning the completed books to The Sketchbook Project a few months later). All of the sketchbooks are taken on tour around America and eventually uploaded onto the computer to be personally accessed from their digital library.

Long story short, Michael and I each ordered a blank sketchbook last summer, and unsurprisingly it sat comfortably on my shelf, untouched until January. While on Christmas vacation, I received a reminder, alerting participants of the fast-approaching deadline in one month – what a shocker! Would I let my money go to waste and pass up the opportunity to participate because of my procrastination? Never!

I had essentially one week remaining to fill the sketchbook and return it to The Sketchbook Project¬†. Hence, for the next 5 days, I woke up, bussed to and from school, put together a tea tray for myself, and sketched until bed time (my perfectionism certainly heightened the pressure). I finished it by the end of the week, and was very proud of the “rushed” outcome.

I¬†learned¬†several things about myself through the completion of my sketchbook…¬†1.) When I persevere in something that requires daily attention, and reach the definite “finish line,” I find myself missing the work that caused so much stress!¬†2.) In this project I had no time to second-guess my work or ask for constructive criticism… being forced to go with my gut, I learned to be confident in my ability. Indeed, I do not wish to discredit input from others, I am just glad for the opportunity to swim whichever way I please in this great ocean of creativity.

Thanks, Michael, for making me do this; I loved it!

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=130326070247-a48ddb7cc5364e2fa51994ad9a64e939 docname=black_pen_brown_paper username=connectfour loadinginfotext=Black%20Pen%2C%20Brown%20Paper showhtmllink=true tag=art%20house width=420 height=360 unit=px]

Reaching Out on Valentine’s Day

For¬†Valentine’s¬†Day this year, Jessie, Maddie, and I, invited some friends over for flower arranging and some much needed spring-time festivities. It took a full two days to prepare for this get-together. The first day was spent traveling around Ś§©śī• looking for materials, buying flowers, and finalizing snack menu ideas. We then spent the actual morning of the party; cleaning a very cluttered house, assembling a cake (most of the hard work was done the night before), and arranging table settings. Of course my favorite part of the preparations, was to bake the Valentine’s cake… ¬†second to that, I enjoyed setting out flowers (in preparation for the bouquets), as well as decorating the table with candy and anything rosie&pink.¬†¬†



I loved watching the creativity flow throughout this flowery project. Watching the unique style of each individual was so enchanting- their personalities were expressed through such distinct and beautiful technique.

threecakeThe lesson I learned through this, was to host more than just one or two gatherings a year! Its not until I am in the midst of something like this, that I realize how much fun I am having. Spending time in fellowship with friends (outside of school and mandatory events) is more important than I often give credit.  Ask Jessie, Maddie, or Michael and you will know that I am terrible at hosting events and am often not willing to get out and socialize much. Seriously, I am such a home-body.






and let me just say that Jessie and Maddie are such pleasant people to collaborate with on these type of things…

I so didn’t deserve to be blessed with such precious sisters. Jessie inspires me to forget myself and dive into adventures with hard work and lots of prayer! She is honestly the hardest working person I have ever met… she will be a treasure to her future boss ūüėČ Maddie is completely un-phased by life’s troubles, she lets go and enjoys life… free to be herself. I wish I had her confidence and spirit! Hosting this party with these two was delightful.


Irresistibly adorable group photo, I know.


Cheers to friendships and creeping out of that ever clinging comfort zone.

From the Studio: Analysing Yau Tong

Our first project of the semester involved analysing the peripheral site, Yau Tong.




I loved getting around the site and exploring the area. We produced this drawing throughout the first few weeks- looking at how specific areas of the site effect each other and how we can draw conclusions from those findings.. (click the image for a closer look)