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My Little Brown Pocketbook


My little brown pocketbook traveled over 680 miles, from ShangHai to Tianjin China, before it came to me as a gift. For many months I disregarded it’s small brown pages, however one day, when I was feeling especially artistic, I started scribbling a few designs in it. I found that brown paper coupled with black pen gives the whole drawing a new, interesting feel. I am extremely pleased with how my sketches have turned out! Below is a gif of a few of the pages in my little pocket sketch book! Enjoy~

PS: If you enjoyed perusing my little brown notebook as much as I’ve enjoyed filling it’s pages, please leave a comment and I’ll try to upload some more soon!


  1. Christine Orsini

    the jewels and gems page is fantastic! I love the contrast of the colored jewel against the black ink sketches on that page, as well as the forest fauna and robots pages.

  2. Alice

    Oh, how fun!! Doodling is a great way to just enjoy yourself. My favorite was the forest fauna.

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