From the Studio: Practice Makes Perfect

I haven’t forgotten all the important homework and practice you assigned me over the break. (It seems like its been such a long time since we chatted in Starbucks about cubes!) I’m sorry that I have not been as diligent as you in working on our first theme for our sketching goal, Moose, but at least I am improving my form! I’m excited to continue our little goal and I would like to suggest that we go with plants or shoes for our next theme, (something a bit more simple for the beginner ;).

I miss you so much already and I really appreciate the opportunity I had to call you before you left China while I was at the TCK Seminar. Let me know when you have time to chat!



  1. haha yeah… moose was a little ambitious even for me >.< Plants sounds amazing to me if you're willing to try that next :) This practice that you are doing (above) is great, and trust me, you will not be regretting it next semester when the perspective unit comes around! Did Michael leave the book for you?

    • Lets do plants then! Thanks for your encouragement! (I hope I can retain the practice I’ve done ;) ) Yes! Michael left me the book and I’m super excited! I will start reading it soon~

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