Sunday Frittata

Since our church service ends around 9:45 each Sunday morning the family is regularly placed in a dilemma about what we should eat. Should we go home? Should we try and find an open restaurant? It’s always a battle to decide where we are going to eat. Well, finally we’ve put an end to the back-and-forth and decided from now on we’ll go home to make a late breakfast. I can’t believe that the plan has actually worked so far! Both Sunday’s since we started, I’ve made a Breakfast Frittata. I had heard the name tossed around but I never really knew what the dish was (or looked like) before I started watching Master Chef! After seeing all the delicious frittata’s being made on the show I decided I’d try my hand at making this delectable breakfast food. The  recipe basically consists of Sauteing your vegetables (spinach, onions, ham, bacon, potatoes, etc.), adding your egg mixture, cooking it on the stove for a while, then putting it in the oven for about 15 minutes. It’s super easy, and quite delicious if I do say so myself! I’ll definitely be keeping you guys updated on my other breakfast experiments each week! Any good breakfast recipes?

Pumpkin Octopus Bread

I made this bread for breakfast Saturday morning to begin our Autumn Bucket List with a BANG. However, If you ask my family, they’d say this delicious concoction wasn’t a true breakfast (seeing that the bread came out of the oven at around noon), but seriously, what is that?! In my book  breakfast can last all day on a Saturday.

For the past year I admit I’ve been a play-it-safe kind of baker. I follow my recipe to the ‘T’ like an obedient little cook, and on the off chance that I am forced to alter a recipe (most likely due to the lack of ingredients), I worry myself sick thinking that the outcome will turn out disastrous. Well guess what?! I actually changed this recipe. On purpose. You see, I didn’t want “cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread” I wanted “pumpkin spice cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread…”

~I added a bit of pumpkin puree here, more flour there, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg and voila, what I like to call “Pumpkin Octopus Bread” appeared on the counter. And do you know which family member liked it the best? Dad. Unexpected for sure. Dad hates cinnamon and isn’t keen on pumpkin either. Surprises never cease in this family.

One image came to my mind as I sat staring at this loaf of pumpkin bread baking in the oven; Jessie’s “Squid 2-Go” drawing. You may remember the beginning stages of this pieces here. I love the finished product and I am so proud of Jessie’s hard work and determination.

Can’t you see it? squid tentacles reaching out of the depths vs. swelling layers of pumpkin bread extending from a loaf pan? Maybe not.

Here’s a closer look… if not identical, there is definitely a resemblance!

Anyways, enough with the squids. The pumpkin cinnamonrollish bread was bliss and I highly recommend this treat for a chilly autumn morning/afternoon 🙂 I hope you get the chance to enjoy this festive season with friends this week.

Oh, and Jessie, I know octopuses & squids are sort of, not really different, but pumpkin “octopus” bread sounds so much better than pumpkin “squid” bread.

Mama What’s Cookin’? Biscuits!

Aren’t Saturday biscuits heavenly?

I woke up early Saturday morning to make these cream cheese biscuits  for my family (and of course they loved me for it) There is something wonderful about starting out the day with a pleasant (and successful!) baking experience. I’ve baked home-made biscuits before but these were different… almost resilient. The cream cheese gave them an springy quality that was actually quite nice. In my pictures I spread them with pomegranate and raspberry jam but my favorite way to eat biscuits is hot-out-of-the-oven with lots of butter and honey… oh, and of course hot tea.

Visit BakedBree for the full recipe and enjoy!

Mama What’s Cookin’? Carrot Cake Donuts

I was craving something different for breakfast this morning, something other than Maddie’s crepes [which she makes almost “every” non-school morning– I mean I like crepes but they get kind of old after a while– no offense Maddie]… Anyway, I was super excited to start this exciting venture BUT to my disappointment the recipe I wanted to use called for an overnight stay in the fridge for the little blob of sticky dough. Well, I decided to make it anyway and after sticking the dough safely in the fridge. I mixed up a batch of fluffy white biscuits for breakfast.

P.S. We topped our donuts with scoops of vanilla ice cream, you can also top your donuts with a simple cream cheese icing or even dip them in glaze and sprinkles!