I’m Lovin’… Turquoise

Connecting Four has become very real and important to me lately. With Michael’s passion and work on it over the summer as my foundation, and the blog office renovations coming along (see Office Project) I am feeling more determined than ever to whip posts out. Although school has been a lot to handle, balancing my time between academics and blogging has been a good challenge and learning experience for me.

This week I was inspired to pick a more unique color, rather than the generic “red, blue, orange or green.” The first color that came to mind was turquoise. At first I was going to add a beach theme into the mix (notice the fish-painted plate and earrings), but as you can see it then evolved into this! I think I’m learning because this post didn’t take me long to create which is surprising as it normally take me quite a while to finish these kinds of posts (I know… it’s lame). I hope I will be as inspired to work this hard next week as I was today!

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Sources: 1: Chuck Taylor Side Zip 2: Are You Happy? 3. Pastel Swirl Cake  4. Turquoise Fish Earrings  5. Anthropology Plates 

I’m Lovin’…Yellow

Summer is flying by pretty fast yet as the days shorten and cold months crawl in, the color yellow remains vivid in my mind. The thoughts of lemonade, the big bright sun, and playful yellow finch’s come to my mind alongside memories of my summer in America. I miss Crab Hunting with cousins, Family dinners at grandpa and grandmas, late night conversations with my favorite aunts, and most of all, all the loving  hugs I got from the most important people. Returning home to visit family and friends was such a blessing and I will cherish the times I spent with them. I miss you guys!

I’ve decided to start a Color Collection starting with (obviously) yellow.

sources: 1: crown, 2: horse, bright side, grapefruit, 3: yellow dress, 4: Rain Boots, Lace Pumps